Morgan Seaman
Central midfielder No.8, Defensive midfielder No.6, LWB, RWB



He is a well-rounded player who dominates offensively as well as defensively especially in 1v1 scenarios. He is able to maintain possession of the ball at a high level in addition to creating constant
goal scoring opportunities for himself and his team. Morgan has good game knowledge, good vision and is committed to his team. As he is an adaptable player, he is able to take on different styles of football and consistently take advantage of any given opportunity. Morgan is a technically gifted player who is able to dictate the play of the game. His core skills further include him being a free kick specialist as well as a gifted passer and dribbler.


  • Full name: Morgan Seaman

  • Nationality: British

  • Position: RWB, RB, LWB

  • 2nd Position: No.8, No.6

  • Born: 25/03/1999

  • Height: 180 cm

  • Foot: Right/Left

  • Clubs: Nybergsund IL Trysil/Dominica national



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